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Our Goals

The reason, purpose and value of ILST lie in the current integration of technology resources, pursuit of globalization and visions of prominence. Conforming to the developing trend, ILST possesses foresight in law and holds the predominant position in integrating technology regulations. Therefore, we are committed to combine theory and practice in accordance with the education policy by establishing a close collaboration relationship with the technology industry as well as other prominent academic and research units. It is our goal to cultivate students’ ability to overcome any challenges from practice and build his or her multidisciplinary knowledge under the structure of internationalization.

ILST was established in response to fulfill the medium and long term needs of the national technology policy. We strive to strengthen the integration of science and law while enhancing interdisciplinary researches. Inheriting the outstanding learning culture in NTHU, the faculty and students in the ILST focus on the merging of applied science of law with objective study in science and technology researches. The results bring unique value to the traditional academic areas, including fundamental law and management science. Following the great vision depicted by the founders, ILST designed a specific curriculum consisting of five areas of legal researches and developments as our core interdisciplinary legal education. The five areas include Intellectual Property law, Info-communications law, Biotechnology (Biomedicine) law, International & Comparative law and Environmental & Energy law. We believe it will help us continue to pursue excellence in the new century.

Under the previous mentioned goals, ILST provides interdisciplinary curriculum in specific fields while maintaining the fundamental law education offered by traditional law schools. Under the structure of specialization and internationalization, we enrich students’ basic understanding in fundamental law, and further sharpen their analytical skills in the technology-related matters.  In addition, ILST students are highly exposed to various opportunities with the industry or academic communities that are dedicated to technology law regulations.  ILST expects to exert its influence in both the academic and practice with specific professional fields such as Intellectual property law, Info-communications law, Biotechnology law, International and Comparative law and Environmental & Energy law.

The outstanding achievements of our alumni indicate that our education goals and beliefs have been progressively realized. Our alumni set their career paths at a wide range of legal related institutes such as colleges, top technology companies in HsinChu Science Park, bio-technology companies, law firms, legal science research institutions and governmental organizations. We believe these concrete results prove that our goals such as the integration of theory and practice, the close collaborations with technology industries and related research units that contribute to governmental decision-making units, the cultivation of students ability with interdisciplinary expertise and skill to overcome the practical challenges have been achieved.